Wabtec Elastomers

Custom Engineered Elastomeric Solutions

Product Type:
Molded and mandrel built rubber components with inserts

Industry / Application:
Industrial pump and valve diaphragms, bladders and other seals

A customer was experiencing significant isses with its existing custom molder. Products regularly suffered quality and reliability problems, and delivery was often behind schedule. In addition to having outdated press equipment, the existing molder was not able to offer an effective solution. To maintain its place in the market, the customer needed to identify and establish a new molding partner in a quick time frame.

Longwood engineers began their analysis by evaluating the customer’s existing tooling. They needed to determine what tools were usable, which needed to be reworked and which tools needed to be scrapped altogether. In addition to tooling and molds, Longwood engineering also performed a complete review of material formulations to identify areas for improvement.

Using the results from the tooling analysis, the Wabtec Elastomers Group delivered rework on current identified nonperforming molds and developed new tooling for non-performing molds. New compound formulations were also developed to enhance product performance. The customer approved and endorsed these changes and witnessed drastic improvements in product quality and reliability while delivered on time. Wabtec Elastomers Group continues to play an integral role in the customer’s new product design and development processes now.


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